How to complete Snake.

I’m crying


How to complete Snake.

I’m crying

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I almost spit grape juice!

I have saved this gif in my folder as ‘weight for it’

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‘Trucker’s Hitch’, A Music Video by Ylvis About the Difficulty of Tying Knots

Ahhhhh!!! Where was this when i was teaching outdoor skills???

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Derek’s adventure update: I imagine this is what Vegas will look like after global warming. (at Atlantic City Broadwalk)

Derek’s adventure continues! The sound of slot machines always makes me think of home. (at The Boardwalk)

In a train station, going on a spontaneous adverture! (at 30th Street Station)


the best and worst part of picking music for my handbell choir is finding all the super-advanced stuff that we really can’t handle, then daydreaming about taking a year or two between residency and fellowship to join the Raleigh Ringers so I can actually play all the super-advanced stuff for once…

Well not exactly a residency with the Raleigh Ringers, I would highly recommend checking out Virtuoso!  http://www.rr.org/Events/Virtuoso.  It was the best handbell experience we have ever had!